agile organization

   Strategy within the company is a determinant so achieve its goals. The more structured the strategy, the clearer the results will be planned. It is the precision and agility of a strategy that makes the company successful. The various obstacles the company will always adapt to the existing conditions, this is requiring the company to move more agility to run in accordance with existing conditions.

   While maintaining the stability of your company. So a clear strategy is needed. By implementing this strategy, the company needs to build a useful principle to run the strategy well. The existence of this principle helps the company continue to consistently move agility with the strategy that will be carried out.

Principle 1 = Prioritize Speed not Perfection

   This provides an opportunity for the company to run faster than usual. If the company is in a critical condition, this is a strategy that really needs to be considered in order to get through this critical condition. Because an opportunity will always come and go as long as there is a crisis that attacks the company. So the company must act and think faster in determining the strategy to be used.

   Putting a side the quality of the perfection of the results to be obtained is a big risk that must be faced by the company. The company will be under a lot of pressure to prioritize speed over perfection. But, All decisions must have risks to be faced. The decision to be chosen is the path faced by your company. Stay consistent and understand the target you will choose.  Overall analysis for optimal results.

Princip 2 = Prioritize Diversification and “Efficient Slack” Instead of Optimility

   In critical conditions, the company will prefer the best strategy to save the company. But it’s different if the company is too pushy if there is a lack of diversification or emphasis by the company regardless of how efficient the strategy. This can have a bad impact on the company if it cannot choose carefully the strategy to be used.

   Diversification is a way of modifying the pattern of various companies so that they are not more focused on one product or strategy that will be used. It takes the right accuracy to determine the appropriate strategy in crisis conditions. Understanding the market conditions that will be the company’s target to get out of the crisis.

Princip 3 = Prioritize Learning Instead of Blaming

   Decision making will not be far from wrong and right. The strategy that will be used in any form cannot be said to be 100% successful.  But it could be a failure in the face of a crisis. Learning from a failure experienced and not blaming is a wise decision taken by the company.

   The failure of a strategy will always exist, the success rate cannot be completely successful. There must be a failure made by the company in choosing a strategy. Learning from failures and fixing those failures the next day is an achievement that will be rewarded if done well. The company will always rise if they always learn and face problems from the crisis conditions they have experienced.

   It is in these 3 principles that the company needs to continue to build strategies when in crisis conditions. Nothing strategy can be declared completely successful if the company has experienced such a thing as failure. The company’s agility in building strategies is needed to achieve the desired goals.


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