Every team that strives to achieve its goals together with its leader. is their hard work while in the organization or company. Achieving success and top positions is the goal of success for the leader and the team to be proud of. The direction of a leader in managing his team to work properly and correctly when doing his job is one that must be maintained and developed by a leader to gain the trust of his teammates. That way the work carried out by each team will get satisfactory success in achieving the goals that will be obtained.

But, how the job turned out to be a failure and everything fell apart.  Your team is starting to worry about the job prospects that will continue in the future. Your team is starting to worry about the job prospects that will continue in the future. Start a lot of excessive thoughts about “how the company can survive in the future?” . In this way what the leader must do to be able to give back the fighting spirit back to his teammates, the leader is someone who becomes a benchmark for his colleagues to be able to rise again in the face of the crisis. 5 ways that leaders must do to be able to rise after experiencing failure.

  • Re-understand The Strategy You Used Before

The strategy or way you used before is a starting point that you need to understand again. Look for as much detailed information as possible to find errors that resulted in the failure of the strategy you are using. If you have found one of the parts that are wrong, keep gathering information and look for it again, maybe there is something else that is still a failing point for your work.

  • Create Your Solution

After finding all the fault points, think about how to overcome them to get the best solution. Create your solution first, because when the team is worried and feels like a failure, it’s very difficult to collaborate. Their minds will be very chaotic if given more burden to think.  The only one who has to fight first is you.

  •  Restore Your Resolve

The  leader, you must restore your determination and enthusiasm first before convincing your teammates. Feeling at failure can damage the mentality of the determination and spirit that you have worked so hard for to do it all. Look for motivation to live again in building an organization or company. Look for something positive or something that will re-energize you.  Think of the previous one as a lesson to pursue your goals even better.

  • Get Your Colleagues Excited Again

Once you get your will back. Don’t forget your teammates. Make your arrival and enthusiasm a positive influence for them. Understand their condition and give them positive energy so they can fight even harder. Tell them that the past is a valuable lesson, and tomorrow is a new day to develop and improve even better.

  • Prepare to rise again

The spirit you have gathered and your teammates are getting their will back. Invite them to discuss together, discuss all the previous problem material.  Give the solution that you have made before. Start preparing for the risks and challenges that will be faced in the future.  Work together as best you can to find a way to achieve the desired success.


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