CPOL ( Certified People of Organization Leadership )

CPOL is comprehensive and specialized educational offering designed to equip individuals with the skills, knowledge, and expertise necessary to excel ini leadership roles within context of managing people and optimizing organizational performance. The program is tailored for professionals who aspire to lead and influence teams, drive strategic initiatives, and foster a positive and productive work environtment.

Participant Terms:

  • Leaders In Private Business, Government or Educational Institutions
  • Professional or HR Leaders
  • Business Owners, Bod, Top Management
  • Experienced With Changes In Organization

The event will

be held on

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What You Learn

Exploring Leadership Strategies
Mastering People Management
Strategic Organizational Development
Mastering Strategic Thinking

Special Benefit

CPOL Profession Degree

Obtain an internationally recognized professional degree in Leadership.

Recording & Modules

Access comprehensive downloadable training modules and recordings to learn anytime and anywhere.

Exclusive Membership

Connect with a closed community of certified professionals to share leadership ideas and insights.

Bonus One Participant

Have the opportunity to enroll one additional participant for free in the certification program.


Small Group

1 – 5 participants



per participant

*exclude tax

Big Group

>6 participants



per participant

*exclude tax

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